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Yesterday, John Kerry announced that he won't be running for President. I had mixed feelings. Personally, I love John Kerry. I voted for him in the primaries and I fully supported his candidacy.

John Kerry wasn't going to win the nomination and it would have been a waste of time, energy, and money for him to run. I noticed that a lot of people expressed gratitude that he wasn't going to run. At first, I just brushed it off, but this morning I was thinking about it and got really angry. John Kerry wants the War in Iraq to end. He isn't just saying this, I truly believe he wants it to end and will do whatever he needs to bring it to an end. I believe he will bring a level of intensity to the table that very few candidates can and will bring. John Kerry provides no danger of winning the nomination, Hillary Clinton does. Those who want a Democrat to win in 2008 should reserve their gratitude and excitement for when Hillary Clinton loses the nomination. Or should a miracle occur and she decides NOT to run.

Essentially, I want John Kerry to run because I like what he will bring to the table and I think he will bring something that could be missing since he isn't running. I also want him to run because I don't think he will win the nomination. I would much rather have John Kerry run than Hillary Clinton. Make sense?


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