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Julie at Red State Rebels (the best Idaho blog out there) is reporting that Jay Inslee is going to be the keynote speaker at the Frank Church Banquet. Please, someone grab a hose and hose me down, I am just way too excited, NOT. Though I hail from Washington State, I am just not excited about this. Seriously, this is the best they could do? According to some, Richard Stallings walks on water, but apparently any connections he had couldn't pull through to bring a bigger name. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised like I was last year with Loretta Sanchez. However, I'm not counting on it.

All hate mail can be directed here. :)

UPDATE: If you click here, you can read how I pissed off at least one person and possibly several. I don't think my bluntness is appreciated by many in Idaho. However, the truth hurts!

I called my mom, since she still lives in the Seattle area. Nope, she's never heard of him. Am I surprised? Not in the least. My mom isn't very political, however, she votes and she isn't completely naive to who is running things. I read my mom the comment from "Democrat" and my mom replied, "Geez. Don't go if they are acting like that!"

I also spoke with two active and smart College Dems. Neither of them have heard of Jay Inslee. I think the club may look into attending the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in May in Salt Lake City. Though I received a very rude response from the Utah Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Rob Miller.

It feels like the Utah Democratic Party appreciates the College Democrats more than the Idaho Democratic Party does. Of course this is just my opinion and experience. Let me add that many of our legislators have visited with the club and many candidates came to visit us last year. I love the Bannock County legislators and I love several other Democratic legislators. I have a deep appreciation for the Democrats who come to our meetings, as well as the Bonneville County Democrats and Bannock County Democrats. Their support is much appreciated.


Jessica, thanks for the link.

I have to think many Idaho Dems are underwhelmed with this choice. But it may well be that this is well out of the state party's control, too.

I will give Stallings et al the benefit of the doubt that they honestly tried for a bigger name and came up short - but I'll save my $75, too.

Julie, I have no doubt that Stallings tried to get a high profile speaker, in fact I know for a fact he was trying to get Dean then Vilsack (as well as others). However, I can't imagine he exhausted every option and I can't imagine he has been calling for more than a few weeks.

If calls have been made for a few months and we exhausted every option, then there is something deeply wrong in that we can't get a semi well known speaker to speak at the largest event the Idaho Dems do (especially when a former congressman is making the calls). In years prior, we have been able to do this. Why not now?

"We see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear".

My letter wasn't rude. It just had an opinion that you didn't like.

I was trying to help you see the reality of how difficult it can be to bring speakers in.

Best of luck with your criticisms.

Actually, it was very rude and several people said the same thing, including some Utah Democratic Party members. But thanks for visiting and please remember, some people have feelings and your words hurt. Using a quote can't erase what you said and how it made me feel.

We are responsible for how we feel. Stop blaming others.

Rob, not only are you creepy, but you are a coward and an asshole. Stop harassing me.

And you are responsible for your rude comments, take some responsibility and GET A LIFE!

I made the comment Jessica, not Rob.

Your assumption and reaction were unwarranted, slanderous, and unfair. Your current post about Rob is ridiculous.

I only posted as anonymous because I could not sign on for some reason. Probably because I was using "old blogger".

Maybe you should look in the mirror when you use words like creepy, coward, and asshole.

Darrell Johnston, Utah Democrat

Whatever, Darrell. You also have the option of signing in as "other," which you didn't do. It isn't slanderous, and if you think it is, you are welcome to sue me.

And for having no interaction with me, you characterization of me as an asshole, creepy and a coward are humorous. You have clearly NOT googled me, or I think you would think twice about labeling me as any of the aforementioned.

You Utah Democrats needs to spend some time fixing your screwed up state and less time harassing Idaho Democrats. GET A LIFE!

Grown men harassing women is incredibly amusing. Maybe I should contact the SL Tribune, because I think they would love to run a story about Utah Democratic men harassing college aged women in another state. Especially college aged women who have been sexually abused. God, you people are creepy.

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