Pizza and Politics  

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Last Friday night, the ISU College Dems and Bannock County Democrats Central Committee sponsored Pizza and Politics. We had 7 legislators in attendance. 3 from Bannock County, 2 from Boise, 1 from Idaho Falls(!!!) and 1 from Lewiston. I hadn't met any of the non-Bannock County legislators and so I was excited to meet them.

I was most impressed with Nicole LeFavour from Boise. She was very down to earth and very kind. I showed her the new posters I created for the College Dems and she absolutely loved the quote we are using. We had a fun conversation about things and I was glad to have met her.

We had a good turnout. Slightly more than last year. I was disappointed that more ISU students didn't attend. It was, after all, on campus and we were offering free pizza. I was embarrassed and infuriated that no student leaders on campus attended. I know there was a magic show during the same time on another part of campus, but come on! I am half-tempted to go before the Senate tomorrow and give them a tongue lashing.

The student senators have been urged to contact their legislators on behalf of students and ISU and yet we have 7 legislators on our campus and no one senator stood outside of the room for about 10 seconds and then went home. Pathetic. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. This is the same senate, who, during their caucus, couldn't find one member of the senate who knew what JFAC stood for.

Before I sound too negative on the student senate, there are a few senators who I think are amazing. They truly understand their role as student senators.

And before I forget, I want to give a shout out to my College Dems. We had an amazing turnout on friday. Pizza and Politics can be long and boring, but my Dems sat through it, on a friday night, no less. There have been College Dems in the past who felt like they were too good to sit with us at events, but all of the College Dems sat together on friday. We combined a few tables and enjoyed hearing our wonderful legislators talk.


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