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I'm happy to report that the Idaho women liberal bloggers were well represented with Red State Rebels, Idaho Rocks, The Sniff Test, New West, and We Have Failed in attendance to meet and discuss Idaho politics, and we also were privy to some scoop from Jill at New West. Lest you get too excited, I can't divulge what we discussed in regards to the scoop, not until at least one media outlet reports on it first, sorry Cameron and Bubblehead.

I felt pretty out of place. My political commentary has been pretty limited. I figure if people want to read a blog about Idaho politics written from a liberal's perspective, they have many great blogs to choose from. If they want to read about ISU, my whacked out life, some Idaho politics, the College Dems, national politics, and occasionally watch a music video or scene from Family Guy, they can check my blog out. I don't want to beat a dead horse and blabber on about something unless I feel I have a unique perspective to offer and something fresh to bring to the table, but don't hold me to that. Anyways...

Aside from feeling out of place, I felt good about the Idaho liberal bloggers out there. We have some incredibly smart and talented women who care a lot about Idaho.

I'm sorry, I bet this is terribly boring to people who weren't at the breakfast, and I wish I could share all that we discussed, but I can't and won't, not until the right time.

Well, I have a midterm tomorrow and lots of campaigning to do in the next two days. I'll try to get a post written sometime in the next day or two and if you are in Pocatello, I'll be in the paper. They asked me a question that will be in the ISJ, nothing big.


What's up with We Have Failed? She hasn't written in a while.

I don't know. I didn't get a chance to ask her about it. Diana is alive and I hope she is doing well. My blog can be a lot different than hers but is exhausting, hers is so much more emotional, I am sure she needs breaks here and there and I cannot imagine how draining it is.

Nice write-up, Jessica. It was good to see you. As for the scoop, Tom Paine has something on 43rd State Blues today that doesn't say a whole lot more, but, well, maybe we're getting closer ...

Ha-ha, I wrote to Jill at New West and she told me what the scoop was. I foiled your plans to keep me uninformed!

Good on Jill. She's a great lady and I'm glad she told you.

Hey, Cameron, I have to admit that it surprised me that someone noticed I hadn't written on my blog... sometimes I feel that it's just me out there! It's been a rough few months emotionally and every time I start a post, I have to stop because it turns into an angry rant... and I really do try to avoid that. Most times, anyway. There have been other challenges as well (kids, projects, illnesses, kids with illnesses, etc.!) but mostly I just haven't been in a healthy place to process my thoughts without spewing...

But I think I'm back now... thanks to the Frank Church weekend, the bloggers breakfast, meeting new people and re-connecting with others, and last night's vigil...

Stay tuned...

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