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I have two Utah Democrats who, I guess, have the time to harass a young Idaho Democrat. One also said I was a coward, creepy, and an asshole. Those insults didn't hurt, because I don't know a single person in my life, even people who don't like me, who would call me any of the aforementioned. How do these two men find the time to harass someone via their blog? Can't they at least spend their time improving the Democratic Party in Utah? And one of them, I know, is a member of the Church.

I have two frequent visitors to this blog, both LDS, and both men, Bubblehead and Cameron, who are incredibly kind and gracious, and both of them, I know, are Republican. Maybe those two Utah Democrats can take a lesson from two Idaho Republicans in how to treat a young woman and one who experienced harassment from a grown man for 10 years of her life.

And maybe, Darrell Johnston, you can google me and learn a bit more about me before you call me a coward. I don't know you Darrell, but you better wise up before you call me a coward. Placing my daughter for adoption after carrying her for 9 months in my stomach wasn't an act of cowardice, nor the act of a coward. Suing an organization to make a difference in how they deal with cases of child abuse wasn't an act of cowardice, nor the act of a coward. Pissing off just about every student power player at my university in order to do what I felt was right, wasn't an act of cowardice, nor the act of a coward.

So please get a life, Rob and Darrell. Certainly you both have better things to do than to harass a child abuse survivor and a woman in Idaho who is doing her best to leave this state better than she found it.


Well, that pretty much sucks. I don't know who they are (Utah Amicus Rob?) or what the circumstances were, but that's the crappy side of semi-anonymous blogging. People sometimes feel the freedom to say mean spirited things they otherwise wouldn't say. Keep your chin up. I'm grateful to have been labeled kind and gracious, hopefully I can continue to merit such high praise.

Keep up the good work.

I got your back, Jessica. You want I should unleash a bunch of snarky submariners against whatever website they have?

You go girl!!! Everyone who knows you and what you have been through could not be more proud of the women you have become and the accomplishments you have achieved. Don't ever let ignorant people get you down. Love you , mom

Wow. I should say more. But wow works. Followed this thread from the unfortunately (or is it?) defunct Dear Leader's Daily Thought. What happemed to that site? Who can say? I admire your passion and fierceness. Good luck with it all.

Let me clear something up. I did call Rob some names, and I feel right in doing so. This "man", after I blocked his rude and insensitive emails, then tracked me down and started commenting on a very old blog post. The time he has spent harassing me is creepy, his emails, I would say, are asshole-ish, and I called him a coward because I believed he left the anonymous comment, which was actually a comment left by Darrell Johnston.

Thanks for the support, Bubblehead, Cameron and mom.

Dumb drum, yeah, I guess it is defunct. It was a pretty funny blog though!

And yes, it was Utah Amicus Rob and some Darrell well as a new person whose comment I didn't approve. They are welcome to leave a new comment after they read Rob's emails and after the read my whole story.

Utah Amicus Rob does have a blog. Apparently Jesus has returned to earth and He is now Rob Miller, so maybe you should check out his blog!

Since you're not approving my comments, I'll use comments as email. Let's read these emails Rob sent. I seriously can't believe he'd send something like that. He really is a good guy. I'm sorry to hear you've had some really tough trials, sounds like you are a strong woman. A strong woman story is always something to be proud of.

Ditto, Jessica. And nice site.

People call us names too, but we generally deserve it.

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