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Just in case some of you don't read up on the comments, I want to say thank you to Cameron, Bubblehead, and my mom, who all left very nice comments.

One commenter, whose comment I rejected because they lack the knowledge necessary to make an accurate assessment of the situation, pointed out that I made the first criticisms of Rob. Yes, I did. Rob and I exchanged a few emails and while he was still on his soapbox preaching to stupid 'ole me, I blocked his emails. I don't need people telling me I don't support the Democratic Party and I certainly don't need people acting like they are perfect and boy, isn't this Jessica stupid for wanting to bring the ISU College Dems to an event in Utah that would cost the club less money? I have the emails, you can email me if you want to read them and keep in mind, I am extra sensitive to how middle-aged men talk to me. I can't imagine why!

So I blocked his emails. I didn't expect to hear from him until he tracked my blog down and started commenting on an old blog post. The emails led me to believe this guy was/is an asshole, tracking down my blog and commenting on an old post was creepy, as well as the time he spent trying to prove how much better of a Democrat he is (isn't this man busy enough saving the Utah Democrats, working, being a husband and a father? He really has the time to hound a 25 year old woman?). I said Rob was a coward because I had thought he left an anonymous comment, but it wasn't him, it was Darrell Johnston. So I take back the coward remark, but not the other two. Darrell told me to look in the mirror, which I took that to mean that Darrell is passive-aggressive and wanted to call me three things without having to do it outright.

Lastly, I'm sure Rob has done a lot for Utah Democrats. I've googled the man. But maybe he should extend his good works to young women in Idaho who send a nice email inquiring about events the Utah Democrats are holding.


I just read your posts attacking Rob. I was shocked to hear you call him not only a coward, but an asshole. I personally know Rob and have found him to be a good, honest man. I'm sure the emails were misunderstood. He'd never be rude to a young woman. Never!

Michelle Davis   says March 13, 2007 at 10:22 PM

I went to this guys blog. He doesn't act like he's Jesus.

Maybe you have over-reacted.

Way to screw a fellow Democrat Jessica.

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He was rude. If you'd like to give me your email, I'll gladly forward everything he sent to me.

Read the emails he sent me and you might beg to differ, because apparently he is the PERFECT DEMOCRAT!

Give me your email and I'll gladly forward them, Michelle.

I left a snarky comment on Rob's blog, which he promptly deleted; he then came over to my blog to leave a random comment claiming he's not really a cyber-stalker. I retaliated with another comment on his blog making fun of how few incoming links he has. I expect that one to be deleted too.

Thanks, Bubblehead, you're great. I think he called off the troops as I haven't had any more mean comments. In fact, Darrell left me a nice one a few minutes ago.

I do respect what Rob has done in Utah. Being a Democrat in such a red state is very difficult. I just wish our interactions had been more positive and perhaps normal-that would've been nice.

With that said, I don't think he is a stalker. I think he just likes to have the last word and defend himself. Rob and I are far too similar and us engaging in a battle is bad news. I still maintain that his emails were rude and his behavior was creepy, but I'm sure he is a fine upstanding LDS Democrat and law abiding citizen.

You know, it's a compliment to be hassled by you, Bubblehead!

What is normal?

Not creepy?

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