ISU Campus Politics  

Posted by Jessica in

Boy, have some people got a lot to learn about campaigning and campaigns on ISU's campus. I did my own negative campaign against a group of people running (Orange Party) and have now created a whole list of people who hate my guts.

I am writing about this now because I was just on my Facebook and was looking at various groups that were created on there and there was one called something like, "Bengals for a smear free runoff". So they (the group members) were calling my literature smear as well as the literature the executive ticket I supported created. The one piece they hate was simply a comparison sheet that this executive ticket created. And they hated all of my literature, which is a compliment, so thank you.

Anyways, I was asked to join the group and then kicked out for my behaviors or something. I had a good laugh about it. Funny thing is that I was asked to join after everyone knew what I was doing and only kicked out for pointing out that some candidates supporters were running over signs in a golf cart. They said it was a rumor. Uh, not when you hear it from the witness who promptly reported it.

So if they kicked me out they must've been intimidated and not secure in their beliefs to address my points, even though they could just delete my comments, which they did before they kicked me out.

I guess they only respect you if you try to buy someone's vote with food, if you take credit for things you opposed, and if you have no message, or, to put it more simply, if you provide no ideas on what you want to do for students if you win.