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why I am inactive in the Mormon Church. I point to exhibit one:

"Republicans stupid? No, the only thing that is stupid is that people like you will sell your soul and your ideals to the left. I'm not sure if you've ever thought through the Dem's proposals on a lot of things . . . but they are the most anti-american people that I know. Weather it's bigger government, ridding the world of sexual inhibitions (which I was shocked to see that you endorse! Can we say expelled from school?) or the destruction of the American Dream, they are trying to turn America into a Socialist country. Blake, I too agree that Bush is a bit too liberal for my liking. BUT, I support the war on Terror. I support freedom, as I'm sure that you do to.

"So Jessica, umm . . . do you support having Soul Force come to our campus? Sounds like you arranged the thing ..."

Before I get the lecture on the members being imperfect and the gospel being perfect, let me stop you. It isn't that simple, for one, and it's awfully hard to ignore people demeaning you, making broad and gross generalizations, and being downright cruel. And I don't like being told how to vote!

But thanks for the comment, Chad Reiser!


It never ceases to amaze me that so many professed Christians have forgotton what it means to be "Christ-like."

Exactly mountaingoat. I am assuming you read my post and the comments.

I ended up emailing a friend of mine who works up there and copying and pasting Chad's comment-she said thanks for the laugh.

wow . . . you really are completely evil aren't you?

Hey anonymous in Rigby who is using a Mac and has Qwest, you really are a coward, aren't you? Maybe you should get some guts and post your name to your cowardly comment.

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If 25 people stand shoulder to shoulder around a statue, who has the correct view?

It would be so nice if life really were as one-sided, or two-sided as the young believe it to be.

One thing DC will show, nothing is ever as it seems, as simple as it looks or as valuable or worthless as it appears.

Enjoy the journey and wisdom you will learn from your experience. It's really fantastic!!

Chad's mother.

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