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So today I need to turn in a research project I was given for my internship. So I've been working on that this weekend, and I'm not quite sure I should divulge what I've been researching...but it's been interesting...

I've also been finishing up my presentation I am set to give in around 10 hours on the prison industry. I need to remember that it is a Communication Management class and not a Political Science class nor is it a Sociology class, so I should keep my political and sociological opinions to myself!

I've also been working on this paper that will be peer reviewed this afternoon in my policy class. I started out looking at the role the media has played in the public opinion of the Iraq War. However, I have changed it to look at the relationship, or lack thereof, between 9/11 and the Iraq War. Without introducing you to several policy/public administration terms, this is going to be an academic paper and not something I'm pulling from my arse!

I also have a resume and cover letter due in the class where I will be giving my presentation.

AND, I've been trying to study for my comprehensive exams that take place this friday.

For those who may have an interest in my relationship with the Mormon Church; I did attend sacrament meeting today. I have a relatively new friend who offered to go with me to my ward's sacrament meeting. I'm still pretty shocked she offered to go. I don't think her kindness knows any limits. I texted her to tell her that I owe her "big time" and she invited me over for dinner. Thanks, Liz.

I am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis's quote that says to a Christian, there is no accident/coincidence in people meeting and becoming friends. I truly believe that and I am grateful for the friends I have and the roles they play in my life.

I also want to blog about the Mormon Church finding my sister and I when we left no paper trail for them. They found my sister today and me a few months ago. How? I do not know. I think it might remain a mystery for a very long time.


Good luck with all the projects going on.

Thanks, Cameron. After today, I will have more time to blog. I really want to write something about the prison industry, but I'm not sure how interesting it will be.

I'd read it.

how they found you? they use magic.

I'd read the prison paper too. My calling with the Church has been with the Prison Branch here in the Boise area, so I've learned more about prisons in the last couple of years than I ever thougth I would know.

Cameron and Bubblhead, I'll post the most interesting parts of my presentation.

Sarah, maybe the US government should hire the Mormon Church to track down Bin Laden and other terrorists!

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