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Tomorrow in Pocatello, at Caldwell Park at 6:00pm, we will gather to rally for peace. Caldwell Park is located behind the former building that housed the Super Save. It is located on Center street between 7th and 8th street. I may be asked to speak, as I did a few weeks ago at our Peace Vigil, but I'm unsure. I do know a few people will speak about peace and perhaps a call to action will be made. If you are in Pocatello, or nearby, please come! Email me with any questions.

Lastly, instead of creating another post about a few movies I saw, I want to just add my thoughts here. I saw The Departed last night and really enjoyed it. The night before I saw The Illusionist and loved it so much I watched it again the next day which is unheard of for me. The reviews weren't as good I think they should be, as it was compared to The Prestige, but I love Edward Norton and think he is one of the best actors around (if you haven't seen American History X, you must see this movie ASAP!). The weekend before, I saw States of Grace, the sequel to God's Army. These are movies about Mormon missionaries and their experiences in the "field"-the LA mission. I love God's Army, but States of Grace wasn't as good, in my opinion, which, from what I've heard, is the opposite of what most people think. I also saw Stranger Than Fiction, which was okay. The second half was much better than the first half and I believe I saw another movie, but I can't remember which one.

I also recorded JFK, which was shown on television. I had seen 3/4ths of it a few weeks ago and LOVED it, so I wanted to record it and watch the whole thing. Kevin Costner is a fabulous actor. Speaking of which, I watched Field of Dreams last night and I am wondering if you can ever get sick of that work of art.

I was up until 8:30am this morning because I was watching some movies and am trying to beat the classic Nintendo Zelda game on my Nintendo DS. Whoever says video games aren't addicting are people who have never played! So this can partially explain why I saw a few movies in the last day.


There is a gathering in Twin Falls today as well.

Have not seen The Departed. That whole Mormon rated R thing. I saw The Illusionist, and I liked it better than The Prestige, though it got a whole lot less pub than the Prestige did. Incidentally, I think Edward Norton is a tad overrated, though I have not seen American History X. I really liked God's Army, but I haven't seen States of Grace. I watched Stranger than Fiction this weekend and I liked it ok. It was decent and had some funny momnents. Though I was highly offended by its portrayal of accountants. Not all of us count toothbrush strokes. I saw parts of JFK when I was a kid, but I only remember the "magic bullet" (is that what it was called?) sequence. Field of Dreams is an all time classic, though I'm not sure where to rate Kevin Costner amongst actors as he is now doing awful movies with Mr. Demi Moore.

You were up until 8:30 AM? Must be Spring Break. Ah, the college years...

American History X deserves its R-rating. The Departed could be decently edited to get it to PG-13 and still retain the essence of what makes it good-I think. However, I doubt any Clean Flicks offer either of the two movies.

My best friend's husband is an Accountant and breaks all stereotypes of Accountants. I would say that the Accountant in Stranger Than Fiction is Obsessive Compulsive. I can't imagine any person doing that just because they like numbers.

Yes, I believe it is called the magic bullet sequence. You really should watch this movie. I am not sure of its rating though.

8:30am. Fell asleep the afternoon before and took a long nap and didn't wake up til almost 7pm, so I knew I'd have a long night.

Cougar Videos in Orem/Provo is carrying The Departed (edited).

Saw States of Grace and thought it was absolutely phenomenal. Thought about the atonement for days (which is sad... I should be thinking about it more often.) Can't figure out why you'd blog about forgiveness, then say you didn't like States. Strange...

Loved The Illusionist and I too thought it was better than The Prestige.

Well, I did like States but there were aspects of Army that resonated with me more.

And Todd, thank you for the comment about the Atonement. The part in Army about Heavenly Father being our true Father was very touching, and then how the Elder didn't get baptized until he investigated the Church for 4 years because he had to know every anti-Mormon claim and then figure out if any of them were true, also resonated with me.

The Atonement is certainly something that is just as powerful as the aforementioned and there were moments in the movie when I was very touched and humbled. Maybe I should watch it again or buy it. It usually takes me a couple of watches before I am totally sold on a movie, with exceptions of course.

Is this the Todd I am thinking it is?

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