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This morning at People and Politics in Pocatello, a local legislator told the crowd that the conservative Republicans in the legislature have been harassing the moderate Republicans. The harassment has been so bad, for some, that one is resigning in three weeks and another is also wanting to resign, but it sounded like that wasn't confirmed yet.

It's quite sad when one feels so harassed by one's own party that they consider resigning, and they aren't being harassed for being foolish and making stupid decisions, they are being harassed for being a voice of reason!

This is shameful and Republicans in Idaho ought to do something about it.


It certainly seems to be more difficult to be a moderate than a partisan in politics. I know many of the more moderate Democrats are taking a lot of heat for not supporting the various efforts at withdrawal. (Not a tit for tat thing there, just a general observation.)

It's seems like there is a large libertarian bent to conservative leadership in Idaho.

Yes, this is certainly something that cuts both ways. It is really quite sad in this instance. We need moderates, we really do.

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