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Last night I think I had my fill of the politics on ISU's campus. I have spent countless hours the last few weeks involved in student elections-including one day where I spent 17 hours on campus soliciting votes for two people I supported (the first day of voting). The next day I only spent 12 hours (the last day of voting)! Anyways, I think I may be burned out and I am experiencing some other things (hurt feelings) related to the issues on campus that I don't really want to write about. So, upon talking to my good friend, I think I may start focusing on my studying for my comprehensive exams which take place next friday. If you pray, pray for me!

Sunday night I only slept 2 hours and spent a lot of time on ISU's campus on monday and then I finally came home around 9:30pm and fell asleep around 11pm and then I woke up around 1am and now, here I am, not able to fall back asleep. My mom says I have weird sleep habits. Maybe she's right.

I may also be having issues with sleep as my best friend is moving next week to Boise, another one of my good friends is still pissed that I support outing Larry Craig, and I truly feel as though I am so out of place and out of whack right now (I value consistency and stability and I am lacking those two things in certain areas of my life), I am not sure which way is up and which way is down. I need to do what I do best and that is detach myself from the bad and focus on school, my internship, and finding a job post graduation.


Hang in there! It's just the Idaho Redneck blues.... Remember, we're on the edge of becoming a blue state, and, check the blogs: Idaho bloggers rock! Now how cool is that?

It's not Idaho politics, it's campus politics. Idaho politics isn't as hard for me seeing as how I live in blue Bannock County, thank goodness.

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