All good things must come to an end...  

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Two weeks from today, I won't be in school anymore. I graduate May 12th and while I am excited to have another degree, another accomplishment, and some freedom to be able to sit at home and watch some movies without feeling guilty about the fact that I should be reading or writing, I will miss school. If school were free, I would go for the rest of my life. But it isn't and I can't.

Last year, about this time, when I was elected as Vice-President of the ISU College Democrats, I was excited to work with a Presidency I thought would take the club in a different and better direction. My excitement all went to hell when, in September, the President resigned and according to our club constitution, I was the new President. I felt inadequate and overwhelmed and I was sad to lose the President who I know would've done a fantastic job. So, reluctantly, I took the reigns. I think I did a good job-I know we got at least 3 votes from student Senators as "Club of the Year"-two of which are Republicans!

We brought the Democratic candidate for Governor to campus, Jerry Brady, and had over 100 people attend. It was perhaps our greatest event as a club (greatest event that was sponsored by our club only and not the county party and us) and I am still proud of that event (especially since I did 98% of the work). We brought Jana Jones, the Democratic candidate for Idaho public schools. We had a few events on campus featuring local Democratic legislators and Democratic legislators from all over the state. We also got the nicest looking shirts we have ever had. See the logo on the right? That was designed with my help and now the club has an actual logo.

I am disappointed that we didn't get a new banner to hang in the Canoe Room on campus-our current one isn't cool, doesn't have our new logo, and is way too small. I am sad we couldn't recruit more members (though we got a handful of new ones, which is a big accomplishment). I am wishing I didn't think of the idea of having a "Democrat of the Year" event until it was too late to do anything this year. But I am happy with how things went overall.

What are my plans on May 13th and beyond? I don't quite know. I will probably stick around for another year or so and just keep looking for a job in the Boise and Salt Lake City areas. So for now, I must find a job that can pay the bills for the summer and beyond. I would like to stick around because there is no sense in moving until I find a job to move for. Also, I have a plan, along with some friends, to do something on campus the next coming school year that will kick ass. I don't want to state publicly, because I want some people to be surprised, but it involves the creation of a club that will become one of the greatest clubs on campus. I also want to stay somewhat involved with the College Democrats. And let's face it, I have made some incredible friendships that keep me motivated in sticking around a little bit longer.

All good things must come to an end, but my time in Pocatello isn't, at least not yet.


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