The year that student representation died (part 4)  

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(part 4 of 4 of my article that appeared in the school newspaper).

Thursday night, the State Board of Education approved a 5.01% percent fee increase for ISU. The U of I received a 5% increase and BSU a 6.16%. It was interesting to read some of the articles written about it and how proud President Sargent was and is about ISU asking for the lowest increase and then receiving one of the lowest increases (though not the lowest).

He is also celebrating the fact that ISU is now the cheapest state university in Idaho, which is true; we are $10 a semester cheaper than BSU and U of I. Big whoop. And the current student leaders who are trying to take credit for a lower fee increase? Talk about irony and dishonesty. This is a group that has backed Reed Gym Options 3 and 2, both of which would have increased student fees enormously. If anyone should celebrate the victory it should be students because WE voted down Option 3, WE voted down Option 2. The fee increase was lower because of the students, not because of President Sargent.

It will undoubtedly be said that because I was behind the anti-Orange Party campaign and because I chose to write this article, this provides proof that I am motivated by a hatred for Orange Party members. First of all, I don't hate Orange Party members. I hate the actions of many Orange Party members, I hate the broken promises they made, I hate that only former Orange Party members have offered an apology for their actions (at least 4 former Orange Party members, 3 current Senators and 1 former Senator, have since renounced the Orange Party and all it stood for this year), and I hate what the Orange Party has done to student representation and to student government.

Lest you think that the corruption, lies, distortions, and cronyism ends with the semester, remember that students voted to elect Jennifer Brown as President for the next school year. Also remember that many Orange Party candidates won their respective races and a majority of the Senate next year will be comprised of Orange Party members. Know also that at least one Orange Party member has admitted to accessing their opponent's email account to find out their campaign strategies. Shameful.

Next month I will graduate, but many of you will remain to complete your college careers. I beg of you to watch what your elected and non-elected leaders are doing, because while they claim to be acting in the best interests of students, they are doing anything but. Make your leaders accountable, resurrect student representation, and take back ASISU. The arrogance, acts of cronyism, and dishonesty which has governed ASISU student government cannot be allowed to continue.

Lastly, don't forget the words of Lord Acton, who stated, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."


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