The year that student representation died (part 3)  

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(part 3 of 4 of my article that appeared in the school newspaper and will appear in the Idaho State Journal soon)

President Sargent, and numerous other Senators, in defending the actions of Joelle Brown and Hansen, claimed that our Supreme Court Justices didn't know any better and were too na've and uneducated to know what the by-laws require of them. Uh, excuse me? The Supreme Court Justices and Senators swear to uphold the by-laws, yet don't know what the by-laws actually are? That provides yet another reason to impeach Brown and Hansen.President Sargent then claimed that 8-10 weeks had passed since the elections (8-10 weeks is a blatant lie) and that any moves to impeach should have occurred sooner (some Senators began a move to impeach a few weeks ago but were stopped by current Vice-President, Jennifer Brown). I don't believe fighting for ethics, fairness, and neutrality has an expiration date, but that's just me.

Since Jennifer Brown was elected as President for the next school year, this means that Joelle will have to recuse herself from every case involving Jennifer Brown, the Executive Branch and any Orange Party member. The same is true for Kyrsten. This means that in many possible cases next year, a full Supreme Court can't be employed and either the Supreme Court can't hear a case, or they can only let the most biased Justice recuse herself/himself. Justices are paid to hear cases, yet Joelle will be expected to recuse herself from a majority of them, if not all of them. She had to recuse herself this year from every single case (this didn't prevent her from listening in on one complaint and offering her opinion about it to other Justices). But before you assume the Supreme Court truly earned their monthly stipend by hearing cases this year, know that they only heard one case and refused to hear the numerous others that all dealt with important issues that will affect ASISU for many years to come.

Current Vice-President, Jennifer Brown, as part of the Sargent/Brown ticket that ran last year, made a promise to keep student fees low. However, Jennifer Brown did anything but keep that promise this year. Jennifer Brown campaigned for the highest student fee increase in recent history. Not only did she spend hours painting a window in the Student Union Building encouraging students to vote yes on Reed Gym Option 3, but she also went around with a laptop on voting days asking students to vote yes for Option 3. Essentially, she took the trust we gave her and threw it back in our faces. Then, when she was campaigning to be President, she took credit for at least two ideas, both related to Reed Gym, even though she actively fought both ideas. We have all seen candidates take credit for things they had nothing to do with. Have we ever seen a candidate take credit for ideas they fought tooth and nail against?


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