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I just attended a poetry reading my friend Liz participated in and I noticed that the person sitting in front of me was Rep. Donna Boe-Donna Boe is a local legislator from Pocatello.

Not being from Idaho and being way more focused on national politics, I didn't come to appreciate local legislators from Bannock County until the last year or so. While I have dropped lit and knocked doors for District 30 candidates in 2004 and 2006, I remained a distant supporter and observer of what my local leaders were doing in Boise. However, over the last several months, I have become a big fan of Rep. Boe.

I have always noticed how kind Rep. Boe is and I appreciate her kindness on many levels. As a college student, I possess nothing special and certainly nothing that candidates want or need, aside from a fondness for walking and getting Democrats elected! I don't have a lot of money to donate, I don't carry any prestige and my endorsement won't really get someone any votes, so I appreciate it when a candidate/politician is nice to me and doesn't treat me as though I am a burden.

Rep. Boe treats people kindly and even though she ran unopposed in 2006, she still knocked doors, she still dropped her lit, and she still put up her signs. In fact, many have said she worked harder than another candidate who actually had an opponent! It's impressive that she not only outworked another candidate, but that she actually worked at all!

Rep. Boe isn't just kind and doesn't just work her ass off, she represents what sets Democrats apart from Republicans in this state-the willingness to actually REPRESENT Idahoans in the legislature. In fact, I didn't realize it until too late, but Rep. Boe played a big role in the passage of House Bill 125. While I do have some issues with House Bill 125, I know the intentions of many were good and the concern for the safety and well-being of children came first and foremost in their minds.

Often times when you hear an Idaho Democrat speak, we are either ragging on Republicans, someone in our own party, or some dumbass thing a politician did or said. Far too often we ignore the acts of bravery, the daily concern our leaders have, and the hard work they show. I am making a promise here and now to try better in showing appreciation for those leaders who sacrifice much by running and serving and who make me proud as a Democratic voter.

Thank you, Rep. Boe, and all those who make it easier to proclaim that I am an Idaho Democrat.


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