Only 3 Days.  

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In three days I will graduate!!! I still have a ton of school stuff to do as well as some internship hours to complete, but I know I will get everything done. My computer/laptop has a corrupted hard drive, of this I am almost 100% positive. The AC adapter is also not working to my liking and even though it is plugged it, you have to fidget with it to get it to work. I am told this is a common problem with Fujitsu's.

So when my mom and step-dad leave to fly back to Seattle on sunday, I will be sending my beloved laptop with them. I purchased the laptop at Fry's in Renton, Washington, and in order to use the extended warranty, I need to bring the laptop back to a Fry's. Not surprisingly, there isn't a Fry's anywhere near Pocatello. I have restored the laptop 4 times and am pretty sure it needs work beyond my capabilities. So, here's hoping the warranty covers any work needing to be done (the warranty does not cover the battery-LAME!).

This has all led me to deeply consider getting a Mac when I get a new laptop, not that I expect that to happen anytime too soon, but I have grown so annoyed with Windows, and the only PC's I like are Sony's and Fujitsu's. Sony's are overpriced, and I am pissed I paid $1500 for this laptop only to have the battery act lame, the AC adapter poop out, and the hard drive crash, less than 2 years after I purchased the laptop.

I have turned in two out of my five papers due and one of them was about the book, Fiasco, which everyone should read! I have some interesting things to blog about and when I have time, expect daily posts again. I promise it will all be worth the wait. For now, I have laundry to do and papers to write.


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