Less Than One Week.  

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In 6 days, I will have graduated and will have my Master's degree in Public Administration. It's strange to think about and pretty difficult to comprehend. The 5 papers and two semester long journals I need to complete make it hard to see past the next few days!

My blogging has been light because I have been trying to get some of these papers done and my computer has required not two, but THREE system restores since thursday night. The last restore, which was completed friday night, necessitated the complete C: drive erase (285 minutes is how long it took). I believe the C: drive erase is what those who store child porn on their computer do right before they think they will be caught! Never in my life did I think I would do something that could be compared to a child porn possessor.

Which reminds me of what Tara at The Political Game has been tracking. She has been following the new building of Bright Tomorrows-an organization that helps child abuse victims. They are getting a new building here in town and the community has come together to assist and to ensure the quick completion of the new building. Check out The Political Game and look through some of the posts and watch for future posts on the progress!

Well, I am enjoying a conversation with my friend right now on MSN Messenger, so I will end for now.


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