Idaho Stands With Cindy.  

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Yesterday, Cindy Sheehan announced that she was quitting the peace movement. You can't blame the woman. A mother, whose son was killed while serving in Iraq, has encountered several attacks on her character, her role as a mother, an American, and a Democrat. Just look at the comments at the link above.

I can't even believe I am surprised when people attack women who speak out. And really, I should just expect the immature and sickening treatment from Republicans. I should wonder who drugged their koolaid with a downer when they aren't attacking brave women who dare to make us look ourselves in the mirror and face the consequences of ill-conceived policies that kill our men and women in uniform and innocent civilians in Iraq.

I saw Cindy Sheehan as more than the face of the peace movement, she was a mother who lost her dear child. Viewing her as anything other than a mother is diminishing the profound and important role she played in society.

So thank you Cindy Sheehan. You served as the face of a movement I participated in. You served as a voice of a movement I participated in. You fought the good fight and I was proud of what you did.

Below are some pictures I have saved over the years related to Cindy Sheehan and the fight she led and breathed life into.


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