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I think one of my favorite smells is bleach mixed with my laundry detergent on my whites.

I have a job interview in Idaho Falls on Monday. They have an agency in Pocatello, but their headquarters is in IF. Not a special job-something I have done before. But the pay is good, I do my own schedule, and I am qualified for it.

I am apparently NOT qualified for any job I have found that would let me use my Master's degree. I have the education people desire, but not the experience. I have no supervisory experience, no experience working in human resources, and most of my work background is in social services. My best bet is to continue working in social services, totally familiarize myself with Medicaid and all that jazz, and then apply for jobs with Health and Welfare.

I am on Michael Moore's emailing list and received an email today about his new movie, Sicko. I am totally stoked for this movie. I really really really like Michael Moore and I think he is an amazing American. However, notice that I don't call his movies "documentaries", and you won't hear me saying they are unbiased, completely upfront and not misleading.

About 5 feet in front of me are all of his movies that he has made (except that Canadian Bacon one and Pets and Meat), and his tv series, The Awful Truth (I'll buy TV Nation when it is released on DVD). I do believe I also own all of his books, even the one he released, Will They Ever Trust Us Again, with letters from soldiers.

I've watched a few movies over the last few days; Spiderman 3, Disturbia, The Good Shepard, The Painted Veil, Notes on a Scandal, and Al Franken: God Spoke. Spiderman 3 was the worst of the movies. All the rest are much better.


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