Vote Edwards  

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I miss school! But it's been nice to be done and realize that my nights won't be filled with looming deadlines, papers, tests, assignments, etc. Sunday during church I got excited because I realized I could go rent some movies without worrying that my time should be spent doing school work.

So I've spent the last few days rearranging, job searching, and being kinda lazy. One of my good friends is in Rexburg for the next 8 weeks doing her internship for her physical therapist assistant's program and I miss her! She will be in Pocatello on the weekends but most of that time will be spent at her job. One of my other good friends was doing a clinical rotation at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City this week. I've felt so lonely! I do have more than two friends in Pocatello, I swear! But these are two people I've grown close to and most of my friend time is spent with them.

Haven't been spending much time on politics. I heard the second debate for Republicans was interesting. I really don't like Rudy Giuliani. Actually, if he gets the nomination, I'll be physically ill. I cannot stand Mitt Romney-what a fake!

I love John Edwards. I hope he gets the nomination. I saw one poll that said he is viewed as the most moderate, yet he is actually the most liberal and he is the only Dem who can beat any of the top three Repubs (Giuliani, McCain, Romney). Hell yeah. Vote Edwards.


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