The Future of the Idaho Democratic Party.  

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This afternoon, I was privileged to sit with some of Bannock County's finest Democrats and the new Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party, John Foster. Although I couldn't stay for very long, I was excited to meet him and hear some of his thoughts.

But first, John wanted to hear about Bannock County. Those of you who live in this area won't be surprised to hear that the biggest topic around town is the future of the hospital. Two of the three Bannock County Commissioners are Democrats and are taking a beating in the media, but that also includes the Republican Commissioner. This is important to the state Democratic party as we don't want to just win legislative and statewide races, we want to win county, city council and school board races. What happens with the hospital fiasco will play a huge role in who wins county races in Bannock County and could have a trickle up effect on other races as well.

John Foster brings a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of respect for the internet and the role it can and should play in politics. I am hoping that one of the things that is looked at is the Idaho Democratic Party website. Come on, it is an embarrassment! It is being updated more frequently, but I hope the whole thing is overhauled. I really liked John Kerry's presidential website that had links for certain communities/populations. I think the Idaho Democratic Party should look at something like that.

Sections for women, college students, college Democrats, minority groups, senior citizens, etc... would be something I would like to see. Under each section, the party could post plans/goals that are targeted for each group. It could post what the party/elected officials have done that is specific to each group. We are always accused of not having a plan, but we can change that perception. It could also provide useful links and information that people in those communities would benefit from. The college Democrats section could provide a space for various College Democrats across the state to gather and communicate with each other. Maybe each section could have a blog and people from different populations could blog under their section(s).

There could be a section where people can go to find out what our Republican legislature has done. Like a one-stop shop for all of the things Republicans have done that are ridiculous-it would certainly be a big shop!

The future of the party looks brighter with John Foster and I know he will bring some much needed change and enthusiasm. We have an awesome staff in Boise and I expect great things!


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