Jerome, Idaho was home to a lot of progressives this weekend...  

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In the middle of last week, I received an email from Jim Hansen, one of my favorite people in Idaho, inviting me to attend a retreat for progressives. Of course I went and it was interesting to learn more about United Vision for Idaho (UVI) and United Action for Idaho (UAI). I have been familiar with UVI for the last few years and knew they provided an important services to not just Idahoans and our elected representatives, but to many organizations that rely on UVI for valuable support and assistance. But I didn't realize just how important UVI was and is until this weekend.

I learned about UAI as I received a brochure and letter a few weeks ago. UAI is able to do things UVI can't do as they can lobby and provide more action (UVI is a 501 (c) 3 and can't lobby as more than 20% of its overall activities. UAI is a 501 (c) 4).

This weekend was intended to bring UVI members, including such organizations as Idaho Community Action Agency, The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho, Your Family Friends & Neighbors, and many others together to discuss what has been accomplished in Idaho, what we want to do in Idaho, and everything related to fundraising (you can donate to UVI online here).

Everyone was connected with some organization in Idaho, in fact, many were connected with multiple organizations, but I was just there because I was invited. Julie from Red State Rebels was also there and it was fun to catch up and talk about how much we both love The Mountain Goat Report. Speaking of which, let's start an official fan club for MG! Julie was able to teach everyone about blogs and I am hoping some of the attendees will start blogging and/or start commenting on the blogs already out there.

Jim Hansen posted a brief blog about the retreat and I hope you will visit it as well as bookmark this link so you can return and read more of his entries on his blog. Also, as I mentioned above, UVI depends upon donations from people who want to make Idaho a better state for ALL of us. Please, donate what you can.



It was great to see you, and I wil join you as a charter member of the MGR fan club.

I am a self-employed person whose income fluctuates wildly. But I am on the monthly pledge fund for my county Democratic Party, the Idaho Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, Democracy for America - and UAI.

Each gets a small donation right from my bank acct. (most of them take monthly pledges as low as $10, some even take $5), and I get the satisfaction of knowing I am doing my small part to build progressive infrastructure everywhere from my back yard to the national level. I encourage everyone who can do so to sign up for your county and state Dem pledge funds as well as for that of UVI and/or UAI.

Jessica you and Julie are way too kind; I don't think I'd know what to do with "fans."

Sounds like you all had a very productive weekend. Hopefully more can step up and support worthy causes like these.

Great to see you as well, Julie. Always nice to see you.

We can all afford to give some money. $5-10 a month is just a meal or two we can eat at home instead of at a restaurant.

MG, your blog is one of the best. Not just in the state, but in the entire west. Keep it up.

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