Are We Supporting the Troops?  

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Today I heard a story about someone who is working to end the war, an activist. She went to a woman's house in Minnesota to speak to this woman about volunteering to work to end the war.

When she walked in the door, she noticed a young woman there. This young woman was on leave from Iraq and was this woman's daughter or niece (not sure which). When the young woman saw this activist, she ran to her, hugged her and cried. She said that when she was in Iraq, at night, her and her fellow soldiers she was serving with would wonder what the American people were doing to end the war.

She thanked the activist for her work.

Too often we hear the stories of how our soldiers feel that those who don't support the war aren't supporting the troops. I have often thought that these stories aren't commonplace and many soldiers are dismayed by the war they have been commanded to fight.

Let us not forget the soldiers who pray everyday for this horrible war to end. Let us not forget prayers which express gratitude for the work peace activists are doing. Let us pray that these prayers aren't asking God what the American people are doing to end this unjust, reckless, and immoral war.

Are you supporting the troops?


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