A Heat Wave in Vegas in July? No way!  

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Yes, a severe heat wave. The only good thing about arriving here in the midst of it is that when temperatures hover around the 100 degree mark, I will collapse to my knees and thank God for being merciful! The lowest I saw it yesterday was in the low 90's, at close to 1am.

Officially started work today. When I finally got into my car today at about 3:30pm, my steering wheel was so hot I practically burned the skin off my hands! Up until then I was riding around with my boss.

The campaign is sending me a cell phone to use, which is great news because I feared having to increase my minutes to compensate for the amount of phone calling I will do with this job.

I told my mom about a protest tomorrow and how I was supposed to go for my job. Her text message response, "Did you ever think you would be getting paid to go to those?" My response was basically no, it's a dream come true.

My sister has a blog. It isn't political, but even I can enjoy a non-political blog, can't I? Check it out.


Thanks for the shout out!
I can't wait for Vegas, seriosuly i think it will be the best vacation ever. Plus cuz you will be there it will be even more woth it!
Have fun in the heat, it's pretty hot here too, but not that bad.

Just make sure to get all the hot weather out of the way before we come there in August. I am requesting high 80's for us.

Just a note about our future President Edwards.

Democratic presidential contender John Edwards concluded in his statement Monday Bush was “clinically incapable of understanding that mistakes have consequences.”

I just love him!

High 80's. In Vegas. In August. Right.

Your mom's a real card, Jess.

Heck, I can remember the temp being 82 at 3am driving home from the strip in *MARCH* when I was there as a teenager.

Mom, please, don't be so naive. My boss said it is hotter in Vegas in August than it is in July. If so, God be with me, and my car. My car is hating the heat.

Rob, I love Edwards. He provides a level of honesty that is missing from the other top candidates...

Sage, my thinking exactly. I might just be in shock when the temp is in the 90's, during the day, for more than an hour or two.

My dashboard is getting super hot in my car. Should I buy one of those mats to put over it? I have a black Nissan Sentra with a black interior and I think the heat is taking a toll on my car, especially the inside.

I really need to get my windows tinted, but I don't have the money for that and I am thinking it will cost about $400-500. How about it, ma?

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