I Met John Edwards!  

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He spoke at a town hall and boy, he did what neither Hillary or Barack are doing and answered random questions from people not picked out beforehand. A friend of mine got video of the first time I met him, where he shook my hand and commented on my shirt. And she got a picture of me with her and her family with John Edwards. I'll post those later!

And the Hillary and Barack comment is based on what I have been told. Hillary screens her audience, Barack only answers questions pre-selected, same with Hillary, and tickets have been required to get into some of their town halls. LAME! But it takes a brave person to do what John did today!

He is just as good looking in person as he is on TV and in pictures, has a nice tan, is skinnier than you would imagine, and is incredibly kind and gracious to people. He does best when he is talking to you one on one. He isn't afraid to put his arm around you for pictures-some politicians are. He stuck around for a long time signing books (including one of mine), shaking hands, hugging people, posing for pictures and more.

He certainly doesn't mince words. He speaks honestly and powerfully and he would make a damn good President.

My favorite line of his would probably be when he said that the trust between a President and the American people has been "destroyed" by George W. Bush.


Congrats Jessica! How exciting!

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