Would you believe me if I told you...  

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that in the last three days I have met John Edwards, Chris Dodd, AND BARACK OBAMA? Well, you should believe me because it all happened. Unfortunately with Barack, I didn't expect to meet him but he did come greet the group of us rallying with our "I'm a health care voter" signs outside of the house party he was going to attend.

Because it was unexpected, I didn't have my digital camera, so no pics. I was very impressed that he came to us, shook our hands, spoke to us for a few minutes. He is a very nice man who is very good looking and I like him a lot more now than I did before. I think someone I know had a camera and took some pics while Barack was speaking to us. If I can get copies of those, I will post them.

For now, pictures I got with and of Chris Dodd will have to do. Can I just say I really like Chris Dodd and I was so happy that he took a few minutes to get to know me. He would make a fine President. (Some of you may not know but Dodd is a Senator from Connecticut and has been a Senator for 26 years).

I do realize that meeting 3 Presidential candidates in 3 days means I am incredibly lucky and blessed. A few people have asked how many more candidates I will meet. Of course I would love to meet ALL of them, but I am realistic and realize that probably will not happen unless I stay in an early voting state until February/March and am the luckiest person alive because meeting Hillary Clinton is very difficult. She is like the grand prize, not necessarily because she is polling 1st nationally, but because access to her is very limited.

Spur of the moment town halls such as what Dodd did, open and unscripted town halls that Edwards did, walking over to supporters to greet them because we had been standing in the hot hot sun for hours, like what Obama did, none of those are things Hillary is known for. But, I am completely ready to be shocked. Come on, Hillary, come to Vegas and let me meet you.

If anyone is reading this and has tried to call me in the last day, save your time and don't try. My phone is not working well. I thought I would die without being able to use my cell phone but having it turned off and not caring has been very liberating. You all should try it.


goodness!! I had no idea you were so well connected! (tugging forelock in time honoured subservient English fashion)

really enjoyed catching up with your blog.And agreed about the no phone being liberating thing. I was away last weekend and didn;t get near a pc top check email for 4 days- it was wonderful. thought I'd have withdrawal, but not a hope :-)

take care hugs from Anne aka Toady x

Toady! I've missed you. I will come back to the website more often. I hope everything has been going well for you!

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