College Democrats, Our Future.  

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So last night I traveled to Durham, New Hampshire, which is pretty close to the seacoast here, but home to the University of New Hampshire, which has a gorgeous campus. I spoke to the College Dems there about the campaign I am working on and was pleasantly surprised to see around 30 college Dems. UNH is comparable in size, or so I have been told, to Idaho State University and while the political makeup of Idaho and New Hampshire is different, it made me realize there is no reason why the ISU College Dems can't get more members. I just wanna say how impressed I was with this group and that I wish college Dems groups were treated better.

I had heard that when Howard Dean was in Pocatello the College Dems helped out and I was hoping that would mean really cheap or even free tickets to see Howard Dean but they were still asked to pay $15. That isn't a lot of money, but to some of these College Dems it is. The reason any of them showed up was because the President of the College Dems at ISU paid for people to go knowing many wouldn't because of the cost. This cannot happen. No event such as this, especially where these kids helped out, should be inaccessible because of the cost.

The College Democrats are the future of this country and of our party, they must be nurtured and treated with respect, even when they aren't the most reliable, when they can't be counted on for everything you ask, and especially when they say and/or do things you don't agree with. We are kids, we like to sleep in, we like to goof off, and we sometimes tell you we are gonna do something and then we don't.

I still remember us attending the Frank Church banquet in Boise and not being treated very well. I had two College Dems with me who come from other states (Utah and Nevada) and they both noticed the treatment and I was embarrassed that they noticed and I hope for future events, our College Dems aren't ignored and treated as if we are an inconvenience. However, some people treated us very kindly, like Allen Anderson and Rep. Sue Chew.

This isn't a bash session on the Idaho Democratic Party nor is it a bash session on the Bannock County Democrats, this is simply a warning that you can treat us as if we are stupid, you can treat us as if we don't exist, and you can continue to make fun of us, but do so at your own peril because we love our party and we love our country and if we don't want to help you, we will help someone else, just not the Republicans!


Well spoken, Jessica! It's not surprising that so few college students are involved in Democrat politics. I always hear people asking how do we get the youth involved, but then they go about business as usual because they have no answer. Yet many college students are involved, just outside of the state party, as a survey of myspace or facebook demonstrates. So, keep up the good work! The youth of this country are our future! (Which is why I'm always so happy to see "old hippies" in all the peace marches. Still demonstrating after all these me.)

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