90% of my life is work.  

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Good thing I love my job and I have great bosses and co-workers. After a 16 hour day today, I got to thinking. I haven't had a day off since September 6th, my last day in Pocatello. Since my job changed, the promised weekend off and Thanksgiving Holiday off didn't happen. Christmas day and Christmas Eve I MIGHT get off, but I won't know for sure until those days come.

I was reading another blog where the blogger wrote about having a pizza and movie day. I got so jealous! I haven't had a day where I could just be lazy like that since the end of June and even during the last two weeks of June I was madly packing, moving things into storage and selling off furniture.

I was able to have a few weeks off during summer and got so bored with free time it was maddening. So I like working, I like my job, I like being able to move every few months/weeks, but I do miss having time off. I mean truly having time off. I've had really slow days where only a report or two is due, but I would just love to have an entire day with no reports due, no research needing to be done, nothing work related. Of course I will still make my daily visits to political blogs and websites, but because I want to, not because I have to.

I would love to be in Seattle, on the couch or lazyboy, cuddling with my dog, hearing my cat try to get upstairs via the basement door, and watching Elf on Christmas with my family but nope, not gonna happen. I'm not sure where I will be for Christmas. Even if I have to work, I can still stay in a number of desirable locations that aren't too far from a work location.

That's the great thing, among many, about the New England area-everything is so much closer. 5 hours from NYC, 2 from Rhode Island, 1 from Boston, 1 from Maine, 1 from Vermont. But still, I don't want to be further than an hour or two from central New Hampshire.

Well, I'm tired but not sleepy, so I'm going to pop in a DVD on my portable DVD player that has SAVED MY LIFE! No tv, except sometimes I have time to watch a tv show or two online, but I get a lot of use out of my dvd player!


Hey! I went private yesterday, so send me your email and Ashley's too if you can, and I'll add you to my list!! You do work alot!! At least it for a good cause!!

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