John Edwards for President (part 1).  

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Editors Note: This is part 1 of many, which details why I support John Edwards for President.

I can't pinpoint when it all changed for me. When I went from a simple admirer of John Edwards to a die hard supporter. I have always liked all of our choices for President, and I know his electabilty, likeability, and work with poverty made him stand out more than the others.

But I suppose it all started changing when some of my Republican friends in Idaho (Republican enough to vote for Tom Luna over Jana Jones, but open-minded enough to vote for Jerry Brady over Butch Otter) started telling me that the only Democrat they would consider voting for is John Edwards. This was important because it was yet another testament to his electability and likeability. Something about him screams moderate even though his rhetoric is everything but!

I know that his Senate voting record leaves much to be desired, but I, more than a lot of other people, understand that a Democratic Senator in a red state is more conservative than I would like them to be and that not every Democrat has progressive views on important issues. I understand that a politician has obligations to their constituency.

Still, his Senate record is the one big hangup I have with my support of him. However, I believe in redemption and I trust John Edwards.

So much of my support is grounded in this trust. So much of my support is grounded in these feelings I have when I hear him speak. Words can't explain, sentences can't convey, and posts can't truly communicate my profound support. A support so strong, I cannot even bear to imagine a general election without John Edwards as our nominee.

I've been incredibly lucky as I've been able to see all of our nominees speak and interact with Americans. You catch what the cameras fail to, you see what the media doesn't report, and you feel what cannot be felt through a computer monitor or television screen.

Lest you think all of my John Edwards for President series posts will be all touchy feely, relax, they won't. I intend to detail his positions and platform but wanted to first explain a few things.


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