Christmas plans...  

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So I have been thinking that if I do get Christmas Eve and Christmas off, where should I go? It will be my last hoorah in this area and I want to go one state that has been on my radar is....RHODE ISLAND! I mean, how many people get to go to Rhode Island? I've been to most of the other states out here, aside from Connecticut. 2 days isn't enough time to explore NYC, so I think I am going to go to Providence, Rhode Island. It's only about 2 hours away and the other options I had were Portsmouth, NH (been there lots, just yesterday in fact) and Quebec, but Quebec is 5 hours away.

Cross your fingers that I get some time off...


Trust me... Providence blows. Newport is a much better option if you want to spend time in Rhode Island. (This comes from having been stationed in SE Connecticut three times, and Newport once.)

Good to know, but I've heard the opposite. I'll be a few miles outside of Providence in Seekonk, Mass. Thanks for the info, I'll limit my time in Providence.

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