Fighting for Edwards!  

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There have been some interesting comments in response to a post at Red State Rebels. One commenter, a state representative in Idaho, criticized Edwards. His comments will be in regular font, between quotation marks, mine bolded (since this is my blog!):

"I would be reluctant to support Edwards again for a couple of reasons. First, in 2004, he was a moderate candidate, but has departed that approach in favor of an attempt to appeal to the liberal base. As you all know, I am a pretty moderate guy. While I have progressive tendencies in some areas (i.e. social justice, education, etc.) and conservative tendencies in others I believe that the party that will represent America best and the one that will unite our country is the one that doesn't let the extremes dictate its agenda."

Geez Brandon, if Edwards is just blowing smoke up our asses, he has sure spent a hell of a lot of time and energy developing thoughtful policies. In fact, I recently picked up his 70 page policy book his campaign is distributing.

"The second reason I would have a difficult time supporting him again is because I feel like he may be the type that will do and say anything to get elected. Trustworthiness is one of my most valued qualities in any politician, especially a candidate for the President of the United States. That is one of the reasons I like Joe Biden so much. Even if you disagree with him on policy, no one can say anything bad about his honesty and integrity. These are the same convictions I try to see done in my own life, both politically and personally."

I find Edwards to be immensely trustworthy. I've met him several times and I have attended at least 10 of his events and 3 events for his wife. So my judgement isn't just based on what I see on tv, or read in the newspaper. Until he is proven to be untrustworthy, I don't dare accuse him of that, it isn't fair to him, or me.

I also find it ridiculous that people think he is just trying to appease the liberal base. As if no one ever progresses to the left without some ulterior motive. Sorry, I have more faith in him, and others, to not give him the benefit of the doubt.

He has spent his adult life fighting for those unable to fight for themselves. I have complete faith he will continue the fight in the White House.


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