Greetings from Washington D.C., my Mecca.  

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I am writing from the center of the political world, Washington D.C.!!! The drive down from New Hampshire was fabulous. I drove through New York City, which was crazy!

I've been going into the office and doing other work stuff which has kept me insanely busy, but I love being here. I was staying with a coworker for a few days when I got horribly sick. So now I am at my bosses place, which she is moving out of, to recover. I looked at a room for rent in Silver Spring, Maryland tonight and I think I may be moving into it in the next few days. You just can't live in D.C. with a car unless you have lots of money to spend on parking or a place to rent which has parking, or if you don't care if your car is broken into all of the time. As much as I love the city, it is nice to live in the suburbs with stores and shopping, and space, and parking, and less craziness.

Well I'm beat, but I hope to blog more often now that a work assignment I had is complete.


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