I'm Alive! Adventures in DC and Maryland.  

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I am blogging from my bedroom at my new place I am renting. I am renting a bedroom out of a single family home in Silver Spring, Maryland. It's around a 10 minute walk from a Metro stop so I can take public transportation into work, thank goodness. It came furnished, which is nice. I definitely need to shell out some dough on a mattress pad because I do not like feeling the springs! I just hate buying stuff like that...ugh.

So before I moved in here I was staying at my bosses half empty apartment and since there is no parking over there, I left my car in what I was told, was a safe place. Yeah, not so much. The thieves who got into my car made off with a few bags of my stuff. They mainly got clothes, including dirty laundry, a bag of tennis shoes (nothing sellable), my bag of toiletries (large bag with 95% of my toiletries, including brand new, never opened makeup), and maybe a few things they could sell on the street...I'm lucky they didn't spend another minute looking to discover my wallet, video camera, case of dvd's, etc. Obviously the thieves were totally stupid. I'm just annoyed they took all of my toiletries, except a few essentials I had with me, many clothes they will just throw away, and my bag of shoes. Talk about pathetic, and talk about hilarious that the thieves were too stupid to know any better. Hopefully it was some homeless dude so he can be a little more stylish in my pink fleece sweatshirt from The Gap. haha. Ugh, I just realized they got my favorite sweatshirt that I just bought in NEW HAMPSHIRE. :(

Oh, and auto insurance, at least mine and most others, doesn't cover the cost of the stolen items. They told me to file a claim through my homeowner's insurance. Um, ma'am, I don't own a home, nor do I rent a home, nor have I rented a home or apartment since June, hence the reason I don't have homeowner's or renter's insurance.

So I've been busy working and when I wasn't working, filing a police report, or moving into my new place, I was resting because I got nasty nasty sick. I haven't been sick in 14 months, so I guess I was due. Ugh. My boss wouldn't even let me go into the office I sounded that horrible on the phone. I asked her if I could just come in late instead of miss the whole day but she insisted I stay home. I went back to my normal work schedule the next day, which maybe wasn't that smart, but ah well.

My roommate today asked me if I work 40 hour work weeks. I had to laugh. Um, I usually hit the 40 hour mark 3 days into my work week. I had today off, which was nice, since I haven't had a day off since Christmas, though I did get 3/4th's of a day off for Disney World!

I'm gonna sign off for now. I feel sick to my stomach. I can't believe the thieves got my favorite sweatshirt. My favorite gloves. My prescription of happy pills. My brand new makeup. All of my tennis shoes. My disc I need to reboot this computer if the hard drive crashes. So many stupid little things they can't even sell or use, but things I loved and adored. Life sucks right now.


Sorry to hear all that! People are dumb and it never makes sense!! At least they didn't take your way good stuff and your identity! Hope you get better soon!!

Thanks! I'll be fine. I am grateful they didn't steal anything more.

Ouch. Your post took me back to various similar misfortunes I enjoyed (?) earlier in my adventure of adulthood, including arriving basically homeless in New York and having my truck broken into in Dallas.

Feel better, and keep your chin up because you are going to have some awesome times in DC!

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