JRE (John Edwards) RUMOR!  

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I'd like to post a JRE rumor. Not so much because I think it's true, though I hope it is, but because I think it would be fun to speculate about it and be hopeful!

So, the rumor is that JRE has secured the promise of getting the Attorney General position from both Barack and Hillary. The catch? To get it in a Barack Admin, he can't endorse Hillary. To get it in a Hillary Admin, he can't endorse Barack. Smart move by JRE and the potential nominees of our party.

It rings potentially true to me because it would explain why he hasn't endorsed. I have been thinking he wasn't endorsing because Barack blew the endorsement and JRE was leaning towards Hillary but still torn and Hillary faces an uphill battle of winning the nomination and JRE doesn't want to back the loser. But this makes more sense. JRE recently said "no" when asked if he would take a VP slot. Makes partial sense because he isn't cut out for a VP slot, and even more sense when he has the promise of an AG position!

For my non-political family members, an Attorney General can make much more of a difference than a VP can, especially with a Barack or Hillary as President.


But wouldn't a VP slot be more useful for a future run at president?

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