When red states become unliveable and thoughts on Barack, Hillary, and McCain.  

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Having lived in Idaho for 7 years, I thought I had become used to living in one of the reddest states out there. I still miss the hunger of Democrats in Utah and Idaho and it is something I wish all Democrats had and it was awesome to see the Howard Dean 50 state strategy working from the front lines. But since I left Idaho and lived in Vegas (swing state), New Hampshire (swing state, but getting bluer by the day) and now Maryland (BLUE state), I'm not quite sure I could ever return to a Utah or Idaho again. A red state that votes for a Democratic governor, or Senator or Congressman or woman, sure, but a red state that is a Utah or Idaho, no, I don't think so (though Utah does have a Democratic Congressman).

I suppose this makes me part of the problem, but I'm just being honest. There is something wrong with a system and state when good and decent people who would be wonderful servents to the people can't win because the letter behind their name is a (D) and not an (R). Indeed, I would say the same thing goes for ultra blue states where corrupt Democrats can win again and again, but a good Republican doesn't stand a chance.

This all makes me think about JRE and how he should be our nominee, not Hillary or Barack. I can't help but feel we maybe let this election go because we are going to nominate someone who can't beat John McCain and the GOP. I thought Barack was pretty electable and then the media shit all over themselves with this blown out of proportion Reverend Wright story. Geez. Give me a break. We've got people dying from hunger, dying in an immoral war, and the media puts some of Wright's words on repeat to scare all the white folks. When did poverty, global warming, a recession, and war become non-stories???

And I know this may shock some of you, but not everyone has the white experience growing up and not everyone feels that this country is without blame or fault for everything ever done in its name or by its people. Some people are angry about their experiences growing up and RIGHTFULLY so. This is a country with some freedoms still left, including some freedom of speech, so if you don't like what Reverend Wright is saying, don't attend his Church. It's as simple as that.

I thought that Hillary possessed the strength and will to defeat McCain and the GOP, but now I'm wondering if her negatives will always be high and maybe people just won't be able to pull the lever for a woman who is as divisive as politicians come.

Will our nominee have what it takes to win in November? We can't afford another Republican administration, especially a McCain one which offers very few differences with the Bush Administration who has driven us into wars, further and further into a healthcare crisis, more people into poverty, and farther away from truly combatting global warming, as well as another recession, not to mention the largest terrorist attack on American soil.

No thanks, John McCain, we don't want the aforementioned (maybe an exception with global warming, since McCain thinks global warming is real) and war with Iran, 100 years in Iraq, a President who has admitted he doesn't know much about the economy. No, we don't want a third Bush term.


I think Obama has what it takes to win in November, and I think he will. Hillary has proven Republicans right with her performance in the Democratic primary campaign. I don't think she's got a shot.

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