As life returns to normal...  

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So I am safely back in D.C. and my life is slowly returning to normal. I couldn't get a Maryland drivers license since I don't have sufficient proof of residency, but I have a solution that will hopefully give me a license by the middle of next week so I can go on my work trip to Arizona.

I would like to dedicate a whole blog post to the ridiculousness of government bureaucracy, but I think we all realize how lame places like the DMV are. Ugh.

I have a two day weekend! I haven't had so much time off in a while and it's been nice to be out here and actually get time off.

Still in pain. Last night it felt like my back and neck were on fire, today I just feel tight all over. I am using ice and heat and taking my pills, but I will need to find a Dr. out here soon to see what to do next. This won't resolve itself and I'm wondering if a MRI is needed to see if there is any damage. Any thoughts on icyhot? The heat and ice both feel good (I alternate the two) and in different ways.

That's it for now except to say I am so annoyed with both Barack and Hillary. Where's JRE???


Go to a massage therapist and a chiropractor. Your pain will be resolved more appropriately.

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