6 hours of pure hell.  

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So things had been going pretty well for me in San Diego and the LA areas until I was rear-ended on the I-405. The rental car sustained no visible damage but immediately I started hurting. Nothing bad enough to require an ambulance, but bad enough for AT LEAST an urgent care clinic visit. 

But alas, I couldn't find one in Long Beach and the hospital was only 2 miles away. I was seen by a nice doctor and got some prescriptions and after I got them filled, somehow, someway, I lost my wallet. Luckily my wallet only had a few things in it, including my license, debit card, work badge, and Metro card. My metro card was worth about $25, my license was an Idaho one that I will never have again and hopefully won't cost too much to replace and too much of a headache to now get a Maryland license, my work id will cost $25 to replace and my debit card has been fraudulently used, but the bank will refund those charges, thank goodness. 

So in a 6 hour period, I was in a car accident, in the hospital, and had my wallet taken. Did I mention that I was in Long Beach and therefore in desperate need of photo id to catch my flight the next day???

Fast forward to today when I spent an hour at the car rental place filling out paperwork and paying fees and charges up the ying yang, then the airport which was relatively easy to get through without an id, even with the molestation that took place between a TSA agent and myself. I've been patted down before, but this was a PAT DOWN. But basically things have been going pretty well today, knock on wood. I would like to give a big shout out to Continental Airlines. 

The first time I flew them was last October, but boy, do I now prefer them over many of the others. Delta isn't bad, nor is Southwest or United, or some of the other carriers, but geez does US Airways make it a nightmare for me to travel on them. I've told my boss that I would prefer to avoid US Airways and Air Tran from now on! 

Well, just wanted to give an update. I'm okay, in some pain, but I will survive. Hopefully everything will go a bit smoother for me now.


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