The anticipation is building.  

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The last few days I've really been thinking about moving back to Seattle and the drive. On one hand, I'm super excited about the drive. On the other, I'm nervous and impatient that I even have to make the drive. I'm really thinking I'll aim for 7-10 hours each day.

The places I'd like to stop and smell the roses, so to speak are Chicago, Billings (my friend's parents live there), Coeur d'Alene, Wisconsin, and maybe Minnesota. I'm sure the Dakota's will be a bore, but it will still be exciting because I've never been to those two states. When I get to Minneapolis, I'll have to get off I-90 and take a different highway if I want to go through South Dakota. I'm not sure if this other highway (not sure which one it is) takes me near Mt. Rushmore, but if so, I'm definitely stopping there. I could stay on I-90 and make a little detour and hit the corner of S. Dakota, but I'm not sure if I can do that and if it would be efficient.

I'm pretty nervous about fitting everything into my car. I bought a little refrigerator I'll have to sell and a tv, which I am NOT selling, as well as acquiring some clothes since I've moved here, but I'll most likely have to ship some boxes home. I was thinking it would be fun to buy a tent that is super easy to setup and then camping my way back to Seattle, but I'm not sure that's doable.

I emailed my dad to see if he could mail me a small gun that I could have on the way back for protection. I have a bb gun and some knives (swiss army types) but I'd feel better if I had a gun as well, especially since I'll most likely need some naps in the car to keep me going. Thoughts?


If you come through Minnesota I would love to see you!!!!

PS. I have made the trip from MN to Seattle numerous times. From 90 in MN I would take 94 up to Fargo and go that way. Yet, I can understand site seeing.

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