I want credit.  

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For the last several months, I've tracked Republican presidential candidates. The campaign I was on would disburse the videos to various blogs (Crooks and Liars) and websites (Brave New Films) as well as members of the press. One of my videos that I got at a private town hall at Rice University was used to alert the folks at Countdown with Keith Olbermann that McCain had goofed on the Shiite-Iran connection on yet another instance. Olbermann ran a segment with that video of McCain screwing up. Thanks to me.

My videos and audio I got from videos was also used in commercials for the campaign I was on, Campaign to Defend America (go here for one where multiple videos I shot were used), and a commercial Moveon.org did, which you can view here. I never got credit outside of the campaign, but I want to give myself credit now. My videos are still being used and dammit, I'm gonna take credit each time they pop up. You can go to this link for the youtube page of the campaign I was on and view hundreds of videos, a majority of which are mine.

If you watch a video under the last link to the IssueAlliance youtube page and want to know if I shot it, click on the "more info" link in the video description box and look for a label. If the label contains "JC", which stands for my name, then I shot the video. Here is one example you can see where "JC" is listed under the "label."


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