Well, there goes my savings.  

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So my car got some work done today and today was just the beginning. I need four new tires, new front brake pads and rotors, and my rear struts MIGHT be leaking. If they are, I will send the meanest letter to Nissan. It would be completely ridiculous for them to be leaking this early. And my warranty just ran out last month! sigh.

My rotors are rusty and warped. Too rusty to be able to be turned, so they need to be replaced. It's something I can't hold off on until I get to Seattle, I need to do it before I leave. Same with the tires. With the drive home costing so much in gas and tolls, I'll be broke by the time I reach Seattle. In case you are wondering, yes I got two opinions. I might go to a third place and see if my rotors can be turned, just because I want to be absolutely sure they can't be before I fork out $400+ dollars for new rotors and brake pads, especially since my brake pads are only 40% worn.

My car has been a champ up until now and I do feel lucky there isn't more needing to be done.


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