A new website I love and update on my job search.  

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So my good friend Liz loves this website called Steep and Cheap. I've known about it for over a year but finally decided to pay a visit and I have fallen in love. I have already bought a few things (sunglasses, shorts, and backpack). The deals are awesome and they ship things fast, and by fast, I mean super duper fast (ship things within a day of placing order).

The catch is there is only one deal at a time. The deals come quickly though and there are several a day. You can download various different alerts, but that only encourages spending money.

In other news, I have a phone interview for a job on Monday. The job is in Seattle. It's a campaign job and I am being selective about which campaign jobs I will consider. This campaign is not a candidate campaign, but a progressive group. They seem way cool and they try to be on the cutting edge of technology and understand the importance of it in politics/campaigns. If I do any campaign work, I need to know I can have a life outside of the campaign.

On Monday I'll also be meeting with some former co-workers to say goodbye. One of them got a job at the DNC, and apparently a few others have moved on as well. Not that it has anything to do with me, but the 2 jobs where I left on interesting terms, many people followed. Again, not to do with me, but it's just funny.


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