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I posted on a travel forum that I wanted to hit Wisconsin, N. Dakota and S. Dakota. So, this is what someone wrote to me (see below)...and I thought it would also be cool to FINALLY see Yellowstone. Adding in S. Dakota and Yellowstone only adds about 7-8 hours onto my trip and only a few hundred miles. So, what do ya'll think? Rob, I'd love to see you in Minnesota.

To get to Minneapolis from Chicago you take Interstate 94 or 90 (90 is shorter, but you take 94 if you want to go through Milwaukee) until you get to Madison, Wisconsin.

At this point both Interstates are the same road until you get to the city of Tomah.

At this point you have to stay on Interstate 94 to go to Minneapolis.From Minneapolis, stay on I-94 to Bismarck, North Dakota (the capital), then go south from there on North Dakota state highway 6 to the state line.

This road then becomes South Dakota state highway 63, which you stay on south to Interstate 90. Go west on that just a few miles to Badlands National Prk, Rapid City, and Mount Rushmore.

P.S. The reason you go to North Dakota first and then South Dakota second is that all the good stuff to see in South Dakota is in the western part of the state (and you are coming into those states from the eastern side).From Mount Rushmore go north to Deadwood and the wild west area of South Dakota, then continue west into Wyoming and visit the Custer's Last Stand site just north of Sheridan.

From there it's west on Highway 14 to Yellowstone, then north to Glacier National Park if you want (or skip both and just stay on I-90 to I-94 at Billings, Montana)--and then on west through Idaho and into Spokane and on to Seattle.



A political junkie like you MUST see mount rushmore! In 2000, we did the drive to Yellowstone from NH. It's well worth it. The Badlands are cool (not as cool as Utah though). Go for it! And send us a postcard!!

Oh the Badlands are near Mt. Rushmore, right?

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