Saying Goodbye, Part 1.  

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Editor's note: This post was written over a week ago. I didn't post it until today because I am lazy.

Tonight I met with some of my former co-workers at Recessions, a bar a block away from the infamous K-street (I worked on K street, ironically enough!). It was a time to celebrate and a time to say goodbye. Words can't adequately describe the emotions I experienced tonight. Some of the strong emotions are related to individuals I am leaving behind. Some, the life I am leaving behind.

The journey I've embarked on over the last year has been remarkable in many ways. I have traveled this wonderful country we live in. I have lived in Vegas, New Hampshire, and now Maryland. I have fallen in love with New England and I think about NEW HAMPSHIRE almost daily.

I have grown up in a lot of ways, matured in just as many, and I have fallen short and recognized that it is a daily struggle to improve upon ourselves, and sometimes we lose the struggle.

So, here are some pictures as I reflect on the last year and the journey I began July 1st, 2007 and the journey that ends this August.

One of my first days in Vegas (July, 2007), I met my hero, John Edwards. Words cannot describe how excited I was to meet him. When he walked into the room, he saw my shirt, shook my hand and grabbed my shoulder with his other arm and said, "I like your shirt." I was speechless, but I managed to say, "I like it too." A friend captured this on video but I never got her to send me the footage. Ah well.

This was my office in Vegas! Sign signs everywhere. This was in August of 2007.

Tim Russert and on the NH Primary Day (January 2008)! He was so kind! RIP.

Me at Daytona Beach in Florida (February 2008). Probably the prettiest beach I saw on my travels. Miami beach was pretty too. Daytona Beach was better. More peaceful and better sand.

Me with two of my former co-workers at Recessions (July 2008). Notice my new hair color?


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