Dear Washington State Democratic Party,  

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My name is Jessica. For the last several months, I have tracked over 130 events, all of which included Republican Presidential Candidates (oh and I tracked for 2 days at CPAC, which was a blast!). I tracked town halls (including invite only, private, closed, corporate, etc), house parties, rallies, parties, speeches, "events", press/media avails, tours, and every other type of campaign event. I was able to gain access to events no other tracker could get into. I was told and known by many people and organizations as the "best tracker in the country." What can I say, I have a gift.

I tracked for an organization that provided me with the top notch equipment that made my job easier. I had a Macbook and Final Cut Express for editing, a sweet Canon HD Camcorder, a nice microphone that captured great sound, a fancy Manfrotto tripod, the cords and adapters to plug into a mult box, a digital voice recorder, and more.

So, Washington State Democratic Party, if you want to track and ensure that the crook Dino Rossi doesn't win, and ensure a Darcy Burner victory so that douchebag Reichart loses his seat, I suggest you not only keep tracking their events, but you invest in equipment that will capture great images and, more importantly, GREAT sound.

Call me. I'll help you. I'll be in Seattle by August 11th, see you then.

Sincerely Yours,



Can you tell me your feelings on Reichart and why?

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