John Edwards Can't Be Trusted.  

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I fear and feel that John Edwards wasn't being very honest in his interview. I think the affair lasted longer, potentially a lot longer, and that he could very well be the father of the baby of Ms. Hunter. The details aren't as important as the potential fact that he is continuing to lie.

It's quite obvious the National Enquirer has a bone to pick with JRE and will keep hounding him until they feel satisfied, which might be never.

What non-political junkies have a hard time fathoming is that one can support a candidate's vision and policies but not their personal decisions. There is definitely an overlap of the two, but I will always support what JRE offered this country and his solutions which were carefully laid out and detailed. I will never support his affair(s) and it disgusts me that he would do something so damaging to his wife, children, family, himself, and the movement he helped create.


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