Obama's VP Choices. My List.  

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The list from which Obama can choose his VP is so long, it's actually quite awesome. Does Obama want someone who has strengths that are his weaknesses (experience, executive experience notably, military background, known centrist), does he want someone who can further emphasize his message of change (outside DC person), does he want someone who is a woman or another rae/ethnic minority, or does Obama want an Independent or even a disenchanted Republican?

Here goes my list of potential VP choices. Since Obama has such a long list to choose from and I want my list to be exhaustive, I'll list a lot of choices and then narrow it down.

Evan Bayh. One word: BORING. Please don't pick this guy. Total snoozefest.

Joe Biden! I love Senator Biden. Released a book last summer that is spectacular. Best foreign policy cred out there. So smart and though he can stick his foot in his mouth, he is awesome and well respected.

Wesley Clark. I love General Clark. From Arkansas, good looking, smart, military background, but was a big Hillary supporter and I am not sure he will join the Obama ticket.

Hillary Clinton. Love her, but I'd be semi surprised if she was chosen. Big policy wonk, as smart as they come, and has some good positions, as well as the ability to send her husband out to repair relationships around the world, but Obama and her have a rocky relationship. However, Hillary has a lot of support amongst women, including Republican women, and could solidify the Democratic base and some swing voters who are dying for a woman in the White House.

Colin Powell. Powell had issues with invading Iraq but went along with it...probably won't be chosen but he would erase any military advantage McCain has.

Mike Bloomberg. Would be an interesting choice as Bloomberg brings executive experience and is attractive to moderates and Repubs, but I'd be surprised if he was chosen. Just don't think Obama wants to risk picking a Repub unless it was a Colin Powell.

Chuck Hagel. Hagel's cool for a Repub. But see Mike Bloomberg.

Tim Kaine. Not enough experience and Virginia still needs him.

Mark Warner. Better choice than Kaine, but not sure he'll be chosen.

Brian Schweitzer. I'd be shocked with a Schweitzer pick, but you never know. From Montana, so could help swing Montana, Colorado, lock up Oregon and Washington, but I think Obama is going to want to pick someone with more name recognition.

Jim Webb. Says he doesn't want the job. I would love a Webb pick, as he has a lot of good qualities, but he sounded pretty adament about not wanting the job.

Kathleen Sebelius. A lot of people like her, but I'm not totally sold on her yet. Obama loves her.

Claire McCaskill. I like Senator McCaskill, but I'm not sure she is VP material.

Tom Daschle. Ick. I pray to God he isn't chosen.

Bill Richardson. Great choice, and would be much higher on the list if he didn't have issues such as those Bill Clinton and John Edwards have.

John Edwards. Ha. He blew this one by being a horny ass.

Chris Dodd. Not a horrible choice. I like Senator Dodd, but the Countrywide scandal presents a problem.

Jack Reed. I like this guy and I love his accent, but he was pretty strong about not wanting to be VP. One of my more favorite choices, though he hails from Rhode Island, which is a beautiful state, but not a swing state.

Ted Strickland. Comes from an important state, Ohio, but hasn't been mentioned too often, so I'm not quite sure he is being seriously looked at.

Ed Rendell. Comes from a big state, Pennsylvania, which brings A LOT of electoral votes that Obama wants. Solid choice, but not mentioned too often.

Sam Nunn. Please God, no.

Janet Napolitano. Might help bring Nevada and New Mexico to the blue side, but McCain will carry Arizona. Popular Governor, but not mentioned much.

Sherrod Brown. Solid choice from Ohio.

Most likely choices are: Kaine, Warner, Bayh, Biden.

Maybe: Dodd, Clinton, Sebelius, Webb, Richardson, Reed.

Honorable mention: Nunn, Daschle, McCaskill.

Who am I missing? Thoughts?


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