Why I Support Barack H. Obama  

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I find it strange and hard to believe that so many people support the McCain-Palin ticket. It's as if they don't really get what they are supporting (corruption, special interests, a lack of experience and judgment, a lobbyist run White House, the worsening of our healthcare system, more war, the same George W. Bush policies that have destroyed our economy, ruined our reputation, and decimated our military). 

And these people who support McCain-Palin then act so surprised that anyone could support Barack Obama. I mean, why support someone who epitomizes the American dream? Why support someone who came from nothing and went to Law School (a pretty good one at that), become the first African-American President of the Harvard Law Review, become a community organizer instead of cash in and sell out; work as a Civil Rights lawyer, become a professor of Constitutional Law (my friend was in some of his courses). The nerve of that guy to actually want to serve the public by becoming a State Senator and then a United State Senator. How DARE HE!

This all proves that Barack Obama isn't just highly intelligent, but that he cares about his community, state, and country, that he understands great movements and important change happens from the bottom up, not from the President down. This is a man who has come from absolutely nothing to establish himself as one of the greatest figures of our day. How dare people support him. How dare people stand up and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH."  

I support Barack Obama not because of his story, though it plays an instrumental role in who he is and the type of President he will be, I support Obama because I believe he will lead us into the future with honor and dignity and re-establish the United States of America as a moral leader to the world. 



I mean, how could you possibly support someone who demonstrated incredible foresight on the Iraq war?

How could you possibly back a candidate that introduced sweeping ethics reform, or sponsored a bill that helped keep U.S. weapons out of the hands of terrorists?

COME ON! What in the world would posses somebody to vote for a man who wants to reform a failed "No Child Left Behind" Education plan, so that our students can actually be engaged in learning, instead of cramming for a test all year. The last thing we need is for kids to start learning how to think critically.

And don't even get me started on things like trying to make health care more affordable, cracking down on reckless lending practices, cutting income taxes for the middle class, or any of that other garbage.

It's people like you who are the problem. You know, people who "don't accept the status quo" or "expect more of your country." I mean seriously, what do you think this is? The United States of America? Oh...wait...

Keep spreading the good word. Five more weeks.

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