I Found "The Cat"!  

Posted by Jessica

As you may have guessed, I am in the "market" for a kitten. I thought I had wanted an Exotic Shorthair Calico (like Gizmo, for those who have met her). But then I started reading about the Scottish Fold breed.

The Scottish Fold breed is a very affecionate cat without being demanding. They like to know what you're doing and often times follow you from room to room. They like to sleep on the bed, and usually on their back!

They are known for sitting up when something catches their attention, which I have to say is the cutest thing that cats do! They are playful but not hyperactive. They are very adaptable cats, which is the number 1 thing that caught my attention. Right now I am single and living alone, but in 10 years, I could be married with kids. It is also good because I will most likely move in a year or so.

Scottish Fold cats are known to get along well with other animals, which is exactly what I need because I have a dog that is with me a lot, my beloved Lucy, who is 11 years old and a Maltese.

The more I read about this breed, the more I realize what a good match it is. I have also decided to get the folded ear Scottish Fold, instead of the straight ear. Here are some pictures, including ones of the typical sitting Budha position Scottish Folds are known for and the sitting up position they are also known for.
Scottish Fold cats also have larger eyes and with the Folded Ears and other facial characteristics, they sometimes have an owl look. My mom isn't really a fan of this look, but I find it endearing.
Another breed I have become interested in is the Pixie Bob. They are the most "doglike" cats out there. If you see a cat on a leash being walked, it is typically a Pixie Bob cat who are easier to leash train. Pixie Bob cats will wait for you at the door when you leave and really crave human interaction, so you really need to devote time to it.
Check out the pics and let me know what you think. Spare the lecture on buying from a "pound" or shelter, please. My last cat came from a shelter and I adore her.


Have you seen the book "Walk Your Cat: The complete guide"?

No, and I can't find it anywhere.

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