Moving In is Fun Yet Not.  

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Still unpacking and getting settled. Ahhh, so much to do. I still am waiting on my loveseat and I am hoping to get it delivered next weekend! I'm really not happy with the layout of my furniture, but my "great room" is small and more rectangular, so arranging is awkward. My tv had to be placed in a specific spot (lest I have cords running all over) and that has really screwed everything up. 

I still haven't found night stands so my bedroom is just my bed (God bless Tempurpedic, they are worth every cent) and my tv on its stand. Why are night stands so expensive? Some of my furniture is Ikea and that is okay, but Ikea furniture doesn't seem built to last and so I limited my Ikea furniture to two bookcases (which actually seem really solid), a tiny table with some chairs, as well as their cheapie side tables, which can't fit in my "great room" so they will most likely go in my bedroom. 

I ended up buying some cheaper bookcases at Target because I have some autographed memorabilia I'd like to display somewhere and you can never have too many bookcases. I've ended up giving about 100-200 books to Deseret Industries (like a Goodwill) and storing a bunch of other books away. I can't have all my books out because it just takes up way too much room. I'll need a library room when I buy a house!

I put up my tree and that is taking up quite a bit of room. I maybe should've gotten a small tree, but I was so excited I actually got to celebrate Christmas this year, I bought my tree a few weeks ago and want to soak up every last bit of the Holiday season as I can. 

Happy Holidays to you and Happy Holidays to me!


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